My email address is not on the internet.

Seriously. Only the pterodactyl killer clown himself, Matthew Inman could have subverted my name on twitter and given out my email address. How else would these idiots be emailing me pictures of their genitalia. I have NOT POSTED MY EMAIL ANYWHERE! I’ve also not removed it from sites after my original lawsuit being filed, there by destroying evidence of my false statements. To repeat my email address was never on my other blog. This is not a capture of the blog before I removed it, I swear. So stop listening to this guy who I’ve explained will try to use logic and facts to sway your opinion. He is not me, and only I with the mighty sword of the law, can tell you the real truth.

Yours Truly,

Charles Carreon Esq.

P.S.  I am not a perjurer. 

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