I don’t care if you’re in Canada. I’ll find you.

So some of my detractors are based outside the United States of Corruption. That’s fine, I’ll still sue you. Even if I don’t have a license to do so. So as I have said, you can’t run. You can’t hide. I am the law, the internet, and the Buddha all wrapped into an Arizona Kid package. I’ve already got Twitter to back down. I am coming after you. Even if you are in Sweden. I really don’t see why people can’t just let me have the funds for Matthew Inman’s charity. I can be trusted with funds that don’t belong to me, I’m a lawyer. This is all very dehumanizing. I feel like the Japanese when Disney dropped a nuclear bomb on them.

Your Trustworthy Friend,

Charles Carreon Esq.

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  1. Hi Douche. This is the postal service. We’re trying to deliver that 80 gallon tub of industrial strength anal lube you asked for but can’t reach you. can you confirm your contact details are here on the Internet please? http://www.extortionletterinfo.com/funnyjunk-attorney-lawyer-charles-h-carreon-contact-information/

  2. That’s me and can you leave it around back next to the goats?

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