I can’t sue myself.

Over at the popehat.com they claim that I may have broken attorney client privilege. I ask you Ken, how are they going to do anything about it buddy? I am their lawyer and I won’t sue myself! Take that smart man. Also since you have used my trademark in your blog many times, I am requesting that you shut down popehat.com and point it’s domain to this blog or else I’ll file a federal lawsuit against you. I have warned my detractors many times about this and now Tara has followed through on the threat. As promised, you are now the meat in a Condolezza Rice and Rush Limbaugh sandwich:

I still await all illegal cybervandal posters on this blog to forward me their pictures for dick drawing. Also I remind you:

“I am not a politician,” he says sternly when asked about the apparent discrepancy. “I have not deceived anyone. I am not able to stand armies. It is entirely distinct. The grounds for engaging in savage satire of people who are murderers [is a] completely different situation. That’s like comparing touch football with warfare.”

Charles Carreon Esq.


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