I warned you all.

I told you it was coming. This will be the first in a long series of my righteous vengeance. Matt Scott, I find you guilty of blatant use of my name. Your sentence is penis.

Now how smug do you feel with that on your chin? Tara was giggling as she crafted this masterpiece. I feel she really captured the subject in his awe of my righteous cartoon dick. You cannot stop me, I will not be reasoned with. I continue my righteous quest to find a Judge who doesn’t care about justice, so that I may make the American legal system my play thing. I am above reproach. Remember that.

Your Vengeful Legal God,

Charles Carreon Esq.



  1. Charles- sorry I didn’t see this immediately. I was too busy adding citation needed notes to the wiki article about your legal fight with Penguin Books (you guys really claim you have 50,000 ‘members’ at ABOL? Really?) and watching the news article you called “the first real news story” about your fight with the Internet (you know, the one Tara called “sane” and posted in it’s entirety on the Nader Library) get redacted and edited (so now we can all see what gets edited out and what doesn’t to reflect the actual situation more fairly).

    Anyway, hugs and bear kisses, Chas.

    • Though we only have like 3 or 4 people who actually post to ABOL we have at least 50,000 members and maybe even 500,000 members. I have more supporters than Inman, GW Bush, and Snooki combined. As for this author of said article obvious his account was hacked by Inman, and now Inman is posing as him doing all these things. You also now owe me a T-Rex for this post and a 10,000 word apology letter.

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