Finally Some Respect

An article came out where I finally don’t sound like a complete lunatic! Wait what the hell… they updated it? What the fuck. NOOOOOO! Now I sound even crazier than before…

Inman posted Carreon’s letter on his website and said he would not pay the $20,000, but instead raise that amount to be split between the American Cancer Society and National Wildlife Federation, and send the attorney a photograph of the cash along with a drawing of Funny Junk’s mom seducing a kodiak bear. Born was the charity fundraiser dubbed “BearLove Good. Cancer Bad.”

In his lawsuit, Carreon described the fundraising logo as a “misogynistic cartoon depicting an obese female dressed in her underwear, with pendulous breasts popping out of her brassiere, an enormous posterior distended by an overstretched thong, rouged cheeks, and a crudely-lipsticked mouth, calling out to an apparently disinterested brown bear half her size, ‘COME HURR AND LOVE MEEEE!'” He also felt the mother drawing was aimed at his parent.

“Unbeknownst to Mr. Inman, I was very, very attached to my mom,” Carreon said by phone, referring to his mother as “a nice Catholic woman” who died in a drowning accident. “It struck a nerve.”

What the Nazi Illuminati Conspiracy Batman?! This is like the time the Nader campaign censored Tara for being too crazy. I mean we got Tech Dirt calling me nutty, ArsTechnica calling me hated, and now they’re changing articles where I finally sounded competent? I thought for once we’d get past the fact that I have the reading comprehension skills of a third grader. No this won’t due. I am going to sue the Mercury News for using my name. That’ll show them. Then they’ll have to write whatever I want or stop writing what so ever. Did they think that free speech applied to talking about me? Well at least Tara has figured out who’s behind that parody site of mine. It turns out it’s a person I am talking to in the comment section here, if that’s confusing enough! That’s some space man sending satellite brain waves down from the heavens stuff right there. People don’t get me, I’m like John Lennon. Which aptly enough makes her Yoko Ono.

Your Bear Killer,

Charles Carreon Esq.

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