Told you so.

Well my detractors are out here again spewing villainous threats and making libelous statements about me (I’m looking at you W Ross and theMattScott). People out there have been claiming that I am devoid of clientele. Well my loyal followers, I have a new client and I can prove it! Here is a letter I received just today from one of our readers!

See that my friends, plenty of people want my services. Like this Bruce Way…. wait I wasn’t supposed to let anyone know that. Oops. Wait… I should have read that letter first… what Tara? I think he wants me to sue my wife. Well we’ll have to amend the complaint to sue anyone who mentions my wife or uses the phrase batshit crazy. That should do. So just a reminder to all readers, please don’t tell anyone I mentioned my clients real name and I am still looking for additional parties for my Class Action Suit.

Also I need to file another subpoena, it’s off to go Doe Hunting!

Censoring Your Detractors Since 2012,

Charles Carreon Esq.

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  1. Thanks to an actual reader for the PDF file I used for this.

  2. Also that was the worse proofread post I’ve ever done, have updated to add things like “ing” and “ed” and spelling corrections.

  3. Cosmic Changeling

     /  June 26, 2012

    You deleted your twitter (real Charles Carreon did)

  4. It’s hard to be so loved by the internet. Thank You Charles for standing up for the ACS, thank you for saving bears. Thank you for saving me from Matthew Inman. I just got to many praises on twitter and had to leave. I had 4,000,000,000 followers, that’s like all of China, India and North America combined. (I suggest following either @chascarreon or @charlie_carrion. The latter is a zombie version who speaks perfect zombie in my opinion.)

  5. Charles- I want nothing more than to be included in your lawsuit. Seriously. Because you’re a vexatious twatwaffle and, as your blog title so eloquently states, a censorious douchebag. So please sue me, pretty please.

    Hugs and bear kisses,

    • Your mouth is writing dinosaur checks but I have yet to see one live dinosaur delivered to me. I thought we settled this when I drew a dick on your face? I am so suing you for libel, slander, defamation, patent infringement, trademark infringement, and talking. I’m like that song “Say My Name” but instead YOU SHOULDN’T. I know you are part of the illuminati conspiracy, a cannibal kid, etc. I will Doe Hunt you to extinction. You got that? Why don’t you put on your big boy pants and go for a walk. You don’t know anything. I just want to save the money that Matthew Inman is going to take for himself. I deserve that money. I am a lawyer.

  6. Santosh A Halper

     /  June 27, 2012

    I don’t know who this W Ross character is, but he sounds handsome and well endowed!

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