A look back in time.

I think it is time to share my original business plan with FunnyJunk, so that you all may see how this internet sensation began….


To:   Bryan Durel

From:  Charles Carreon

Subject:  Your recent struggles with theoatmeal.com


Hello Bryan,

My name is Chas Carreon and I would like to propose a business plan to right a wrong done to you. I have been informed of your struggles with one Matthew Inman who has accused you of willful copyright infringement. I suggest that we make an example of this person and others through a series of steps outlined below.

  1. I send a letter to Matthew Inman in order to extort recover lost profits up to the amount of $20,000.
  2. I demand that he censor remove all references to FunnyJunk.com
  3. I use the threat of trademark infringement to frighten encourage him.
  4. Once Matthew Inman falls we will go after anyone who has spoken out against FunnyJunk in the past and demand further extortion money settlements.

If you agree that this could be a profitable enterprise between two internet savvy individuals such as ourselves, please reply.

Your Thug Friend,

Charles Carreon Esq.


There you have it. You know what they say… best laid plans and all.

Charles Carreon Esq.

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  1. Nibor

     /  June 26, 2012

    Wait you actually had a plan you shared with FJ, so you didn’t googled something and found this one year old dispute (of course not seeing it was already one year old, who would watch those time stamps) and thought this could pay the rent.

    Then going to the trademark office and found out that there was no trademark on FJ so you simply thrown a (afterwards wrong ) amount of money on the counter and secured the trademark for yourself (to later hand it over to FJ after you got the money from the Oatmeal).
    Then you took a letter you found on the internets, that seemed to fit this case and reedited it and send it to the Oatmeal and informed FJ at that moment what you have done, so FJ just had to sit back and await their check in the mail very soon.

    Really this wasn’t the way things have gone, remarkably you really had a plan ????????

    By the way:
    I don’t know if you already discovered the increase in your website traffic, you should really thank TC for her efforts in trying to get you more promoted on the internets.

    Maybe you should buy her some flowers, but don’t use that 2010 credit card you know why, maybe you could order the flowers online using your super-secret e-mail account and afterwards claim the costs as damages due to cyber vandalism (so you get to whoe TC and do so for free).

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