I am big in Asia.

So I can’t read Chinese but I’m pretty sure this article says how awesome I am. It’s probably full of factual accounts of how I am a champion of freedom. I bet it’s talking about how I am standing up for decency by stopping charities from receiving over $200k because the people donating were angry. You can’t donate angry. You can only donate while riding unicorns that shit skittles. You certainly can’t donate to make me look like a fool. I think 99% of America wants me to stop this Inman character and his Cash Christ mentality. I can’t believe he can just go around bribing bears and cancer patients with no remorse or moral compass. What next? Politicians taking bribes to insert amendments to laws? It’s really only a very vocal minority that keeps slandering me. Calling me all sorts of terrible names, like “Charles Carreon” and “Jack Thompson.” The only thing I don’t get is what the hell does Barbara Streisand have to do with it? Either way it is time to go full Rakofsky.

All I know is that when this is all over, I am going to take my $220,024 plus attorney fees and go to Asia where I can get a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t. I heard they find Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils in Mongolia all the time. Does anyone know how much a live Tyrannosaurus Rex would set me back? I bet China would be a great place to silence your critics

Hello Hainan,

Charles Carreon Esq.



  1. Sorry, Charles. We and Google Translate are “the power of the Internet education classes.”

    Copyright dispute evolution of personal attacks
    The dream of the delivery person was released on 2012-06-14 21:54 Comments (1) 642 to read the original link [Favorite] «»

    Artist Matthew Inman original works (such as Cat vs the Internet) through its website, The Oatmeal. In 2011, on his blog to write an article, accusing another site FunnyJunk complete copy of the content he created, which is equivalent to the mirror of The Oatmeal. FunnyJunk not a small site, the PV of ten million. Inman said, this site is to rely on plagiarized content advertising profit, if someone claims to have the content of copyright, while users to upload the grounds of excuse.

    In early June of this year, The Oatmeal on behalf of Charles Carreon to send a lawyer’s letter, threatening to sue for libel damages of $ 20,000. Inman is extremely angry, he painted a caricature BearLove (women and Bear), and conduct online fund-raising activities. In just 64 minutes, he raised $ 20,000, has raised more than $ 160,000. His supporters from the Internet to find the Carreon contact information, send a sexual perversion comics to humiliate him. Carreon said he never expected that the cartoonist will set up a network forces to counterattack he had never seen him in this way to respond to legal threats, he did not want anyone to see his mother’s sexual perversion comic. He said that this was on the mob psychology and the power of the Internet education classes.

    • See even in Asian they know the picture was sexually perverted. I knew it. Best article ever! I hope they don’t change the wording…

  2. Cosmic Changeling

     /  June 28, 2012

    You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to yourself. If you cannot afford yourself you will be privided for you.

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