What does it take to get in this family?

Maybe being a Carreon isn’t what it’s cut out to be after all. It seems to me being a Nilan is where the dinosauce(R) is. Take Meredith Nilan for instance, this girl goes around hitting people with her car one night and then doesn’t even stop, what happens to her? Nothing. Yeah that’s right. Clifford J. Nilan, Chief Probation Officer of the Berkshire Superior Court is her pops, her daddy-o, her old man. It pays knowing people in the court, I bet I could subjugate many a blogger for dinosaurs if I had someone like that in my corner. The best part? The only guy blogging about it not only gets ordered to stop, but has to delete all his old posts. I mean these Nilans got dinosaur blood running through their veins.

Nilan’s attorney sought dismissal when court documents from her case mysteriously disappeared. 

Imagine if I could just wipe out any court documents I wanted? I COULD SUE ANYONE FOR ANYTHING! If things started going south, dad’s got your back, the case never happened. He’s like a court case assassin. Then when they are like “our court documents are missing” and accuse me, I sue for defamation! I wonder if I could preemptively trademark Charles Nilan… how does Tara Nilan sound? Imagine the power. Bad decisions without culpability? I could repeatedly double-down into a swirling vortex of dinosaur litigious rage…


Charles Carreon Nilan Esq.

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  1. Swindapa

     /  June 30, 2012

    Hey, why is your wife posting “background information” on the “Inman’s”? She’s a bigger douche than you’ll ever be. +5000 dinosaurs to her for being batshit crazy, and -infinitythousand dinosaurs to you for letting her drive the crazy train. You’re WAY crazier than her, Charles. She just writes the most god awful, boringist shit tha no one ever reads, whereas your inflict your brand of the clap on the entire judicial system.

    We know you’re crazier than her, Charles. Fix this little problem and go a little more batshit, please.


    • Cosmic Changeling

       /  June 30, 2012

      I kinda hope someone calls her out on it. It’s disturbing.

      • Swindapa

         /  June 30, 2012

        [Holy shit I made that first post after her first two posts, and the ‘crazy’ I was referring to was her being crazy-vindictive enough to post about her “enemies” mother and father.

        And then she really lathered on the crazy

        I apologize sincerely to Satirical Charles, and I’m giving him back his infinitythousand dinosaurs; no one can be crazier than this.


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