I can see how this looks bad.

“California code is just so long, but there’s something in there about this,”  (Note interview happened the night before the article was published otherwise known as June 14th)

Based on what I saw on page one of Exhibit B, I understood that if I clicked to contribute, Indiegogo would give $5 to ACS and $5 to NWF. […] With the expectation that I would be making a tax-deductible donation to two widely respected, trustworthy charities dedicated to the elimination of cancer the protection of wildlife, respectively, I donated $10 to the Bear Love campaign, and received the receipt attached as Exhibit C.

It looks bad, like I donated after threatening to find any way to sue Matthew Inman possible, just to twist California law in order to find cause… Seriously though, I don’t sue people over misconceived vendettas, I sue people for dinosaurs. I know it looks like I signed a letter to the court under the risk of perjury that I had no way to know that my donation was not tax deductible. I had no way to know that IndieGoGo was going to take 4% either. What sort of website offers to handle tons of financial transactions a day and charges? I thought banks, and paypal, and credit card companies just did it for the sake of humanity. NO ONE COULD HAVE KNOWN! Does anyone know a good lawyer?


Charles Carreon Esq.

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