It hurts.

I just received Indiegogo’s reply to my Temporary Restraining Order application and…. well… I feel like less of a man right now. I mean if some idiot law school graduate could foresee this and I couldn’t, what does that make me? I am still in hiding, but now my mood is as dark as this mud cave I am living in. I mean I could have filed the order earlier but I was busy stockpiling canned food and dry drink mixes. I could have researched how the fund donated via PayPal went straight to Inman, or consulted a tax attorney to see if Inman would even benefit from the donations. I could have found precedents like the Indiegogo attorneys instead of trying to quote random California statutes to make my complaints sound logical at the time. In retrospect, I could have just dropped this all when everyone was pissed at Funny Junk and not me, but… I didn’t, and I blame the Illuminati completely for forcing me into this. It’s a conspiracy. I just… hurt in my torso places. Anyway, I have to go pick earthworms out of my bran flakes…

Update:  Inman has responded, my night isn’t getting any better… I should have hired his lawyers to represent me…


Charles Carreon Esq.



  1. Cosmic Changeling

     /  July 2, 2012

    You owe all the defendants, and the internet, dinosaurs.

    • A Canadian

       /  July 2, 2012

      And in order to obtain said dinosaurs, you’re going to sue Saddam Hussein’s ghost.


      • I keep trying to rock myself to sleep in my kiddie pool I call a bathtub, all I keep hearing is the vile laughter of the internet.

        • Cosmic Changeling

           /  July 2, 2012

          The kiddie pool isn’t filled with your wife’s saliva from her drooling and foaming over the Popehat Illuminati is it?

  2. InAweOfCharlesCarreon

     /  July 2, 2012

    You’d think someone with a website called American Buddha might understand a little about karma, especially the instant internet variety.

    Karma’s a bitch, Mr. Carreon. But it doesn’t have to be…..

    I’m frankly in awe of the army you’ve raised against you – that’s some master class douchebaggery right there.

    • Cosmic Changeling

       /  July 2, 2012

      The law only applies to Mr. Carreon. Karma only exists to benefit his crazy egoistic manner.

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