Oh no, she bought more ammo…

The bad characters have been all over us for a long time now, ever since I shot my gun to warn off a trespassing CIA-Buddhist neighbor from an illustrious CIA family — father general counsel for the CIA, mother secretary of the OSS under Truman, entire family in the CIA — who was really pissing me off by messing with our gate

I told her only grown ups can use the firearms, she never listens. Now she’s shooting at strangers in the night, and people out there are sending me pizzas and Mormons? DO YOU WANT TO GET SOMEONE KILLED?! This is bad. Next thing you know the ATF is going to be circling our house ready with the tear gas. These Illuminati just can’t leave us alone can they? All a man wants is a Tyrannosaurus Rex and these things keeps happening to me!

Oh crap, she’s on the home shopping network and they’re selling rifles, I got to go. If I don’t post again, think kindly of me.

Charles Carreon Esq.

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  1. Swindapa

     /  July 8, 2012

    Posted at Nadar library now:
    “Another time Robert Anton Wilson (Uncle Bob) sent two of his goons to visit us: Eddy Nix and his beautiful “friend.” Besides wanting to have sex with us, Eddy Nix (an Illuminati name) wanted to get Charles to help jack a rich Buddhist heiress named Mimi Hohenberg out of 5 million.”

    Why the fuck did she memory-hole the earlier post about the CIA? The one that is up there now seems to follow in sequence from the deleted one: “Actually, a few times they DID identify themselves…”


    • She thinks if she formats the paragraph differently she’ll be able to communicate her real intentions. As far as I can tell, no one can understand “BLU ARG HUMINITY NAZI BLAH BUM ILLUMINATI”

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