The clock tolls at midnight.

I don’t set my alarm clock for midnight. So I just don’t get this saying. I think the saying is defamatory to my clocks because anyone who utters it is spreading falsehoods. I will not stand idle while people defame me, my property, or common sense. If I could, I’d sue whoever says that. It’s right up there with the supposed “moon landing” on my pet peeves list. The moon is above us, how could an “astronaut” stand upon it and not fall down onto the Earth? There is no way that’s possible, it’s common sense. Things fall down. I mean look at the quality of the video footage? They made it look all grainy to hide the cords as they ‘hopped” around on the movie set. I might have believed them had they used a digital camcorder, but of course then you’d see the strings attached.

Look at that! The flag’s shadow doesn’t even go in the same direction as the actor. You people are all mad to believe these Illuminati lies. Their “science” is just a tool of deception and enslavement. Can you imagine if they’re willing to fake something like this, what else they are willing to fake? It’s like these wikipedia people trying to tell me there is no 5 second rule when you drop your food on the ground. It’s just common sense that when you drop food on the ground, that the germs take time to crawl all over it. Everyone knows germs have limbs. I’ll remind you, these are the same “scientist” who told me I couldn’t clone dinosaurs. I can and will clone dinosaurs, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Truth Speaker,

Charles Carreon Esq.

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