Be Heard III

Dear Mr. Carreon,
My name is Richard Walls, one of the many people whose emails you published in public recently on your site. In my previous electronic letter I assumed and gave you the benefit of the doubt having faith that you would be a sensible and appreciable man who could take my honest criticism and do some good with it. I wrote to you with a sincerely positive intention and am shocked to find that my email has found its way into your ‘hatemail’ display. You are attempting, very blatantly, to draw attention to individuals who have criticized you in a negative way which is a far more obvious attempt at defamation of character than that which has been directed at yourself. This ‘wall of shame’ is unacceptably childish for an adult, much less a legal professional, and I would advise you to remove it for the sake of what remains of your reputation in the world. I was not a part of any organized attempts to harm your character, I had no interest in bringing you down, only in helping you better understand and emerge from your situation with as little harm as possible. I am not a zombie, I am not a defamer, and I am not a man who will tolerate this ridiculous attempt at internet bullying. Your publishing of my name and email address mean only enough to catch my attention, not enough to harm or cause me any personal distress, though the concept behind this sickens me. Mr. Carreon I had hoped you would be a better man than people portrayed you but you continue to exceed the stated expectations.

Attached to this you should find a photo of myself because I am not afraid to have my opinions and my words acknowledged and attributed to me so please, go ahead. You’ve got a photo to work with so I’m sure you can give me a section in your ‘rapeutationists’ page. I’ll even write the jokes for you, ‘this dirty fecal-frumper is going to have to come out of the bathroom closet someday. Its only a matter of time afterall, everyone who disagrees with me is just a sexy turd away from ending up like this fag.’ See? I put together your two favorite things, bad poop and bad gay jokes. If you don’t like that heres a handful of things I’ve accomplished you can make fun of and demonize: Debate team, practicing poet/artist, Atheist, library volunteer work with children and young adults, volunteer shelter work, Portuguese, Eagle Scout, Under 6′ tall, roleplayer, etc. I have no fear of you or your attempts to demonize myself or any other persons seeking to honestly and critically offer their thoughts to you. You, however, seem to be terrified of it. Your blog refuses comments, your posted emails have yours omitted, and you’ve made many efforts to make it difficult for you to be reached and responded to in any form. This is ineffective and frankly, disgraceful. There is one very important thing to note though, I will not come down to your level and spout out juvenile comments unintended for humor. I admittedly made light of your situation in the concluding paragraph of my email, hoping the humor might brighten your day, but I never wrote with a malicious intent towards anyone as you have and do.

I am not a hater, I am not a detractor, I am not a zombie, I am not a rapeutationist, I am not part of any organized attack. I am a concerned individual who has taken time out of their busy day to address you in the hopes that you’ll retain some rationality and come to the conclusion that your downwards spiral will get you nowhere except deeper in the pile of shit…yes, I made a poop joke, you’re not the only one who can chuckle at brown stuff.

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  1. tootie

     /  July 18, 2012

    Hi Richard,
    I like your picture and I appreciate the fact that you tried to contact Charles to tell him that you were concerned that his actions would bring him no good.
    I too did the same thing. We even had some correspondence. I don’t think that he will put my email in his “hatemail” page because of the way we interacted, but I could be totally wrong since several of the emails on that page were pretty nice.
    You seem to be a sweet young man, and since we can’t post on the Rapeutation-y site, I just wanted to tell you not to be frustrated by this man’s actions. Sometimes this is what people do. They don’t address the fact that they acted like a twit, they just get pissed because everyone tells them that they acted like a twit.
    And remember that bad thinks can come from this. As funny as it all seems over at the NaderLibrary site right now, I really do worry about this mans wife. She is twirling like a top and this stress is obviously not good for her. Go read the information on Wikipedia about Chas and think how hard is was when she lost a child who was older than you look to be.
    None of us has all the answers, but we all have the ability to have empathy.
    You cannot help these people by keeping them from doing what they are doing. They are going to do just what they want to do. But you can hold love in you heart and tell yourself, “There but for the grace of the gods, go I.”

  2. Shannon

     /  July 18, 2012

    Hey Richard!
    I’m #24 of the 28 letters Mr. Carreon has posted so far. If you read it, you will see I was simply looking for a reasonable explanation of the FunnyJunk situation. Yes, I was also trying to be a bit cheeky, but the whole thing was becoming laughable. Mr. Inman was doing his best to get out of a bad situation and since I enjoy his work I felt the need to offer my support. What harm could come of writing a letter? Like Tootie, I was looking for some sort of response, however brief would have been fine.

    When I was notified today that rather than respond to my email Mr. Carreon had instead posted it on the Internet for the world to see, I had mixed emotions. I sent that email knowing full well that he could do with it whatever he pleased. But to post it on a site called “RAPEutationists” and to include my full name, city of residence and the email address I have had for business and personal use for over 15 years? Come on! And this supposed new “legal term” he suggests is so extremely offensive. Where in my letter did I write anything to suggest this sort of truly ugly response?

    It also appears that he plans on “outing” each one of us “rapeutationists” on his website. To save time, here is what you get if you Google my name. Some positive comments I made after attending a medical billing seminar ten years ago were widely published by the seminar sponsor. There are some adorable pictures of my dog Bill on Facebook but I would have to “Friend” you for you to see them. I am one of five hosts for my high school’s 30 year class reunion this September. Go Pirates!

    Luckily, I’m a big girl and can spot a bully a mile away. Over the past years, I’ve developed my own blend of religion, a mix I call “Catholic Karma.” I truly believe that what you put out into the Universe is what will come back to you. If you don’t want it to bite you in the butt, be nice. It’s that simple! None of us are perfect and we are given a new chance every day to live a good and kind life. I quote the great Justin Timberlake when I say, “What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around.”

    If you are reading this Mr. Carreon, give it a try. It’s a nice way to live.

  3. annbransom

     /  July 18, 2012

    This letter renewed my hope for the future.

  4. Most of the letters on the Rapeutation site that were categorized as ‘hatemail’ were not. Most were people trying to reach out to Mr. Carreon. Yes, there were some horrible ones, but putting you and the other people in that ‘hate’ category wasn’t right and just made Mr. Carreon look more like a child having a tantrum.

    The only thing I can say is that Mr. Carreon will get what he deserves in one form or the other. Karma is just builing like a snowball effect for him. But who knows, he’ll just blame the internet mafia and General Oats for what happpened instead of taking responsibility.

    But Tootie makes a good point. Tara did lose a son, but Charles lost a son too. No matter how many years passed that family loss will never go away and I sympathize whole heartedly with them. It doesn’t excuse any of their behavior but it helps understand a flavor of it? It that makes any sense.

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