Illuminati Propoganda

These Illuminati will stop at nothing, nothing I say! First they try to convince us that water can be a gas, when we all know it’s a liquid. Then they try to convince me that without gravity I could fall into space. Hello? Things don’t fall up! It isn’t enough that they clone Dave Thomas, that they brainwash Ronald McDonald, and they try to fake the moon landing

Now these slanderous infidels try to tell me that dinosaurs are birds? BIRDS?! Yeah like I’m going to clone some Tyrannosaurus Rex and it’s going to cluck around looking for seeds. What idiots. Do you know how big a seed would have to be to feed a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Why would it even need teeth and claws if it were to eat seeds. Dinosaurs don’t have feathers, haven’t they seen Jurassic Park? Idiots. If dinosaurs had feathers I’m not a competent lawyer! These revisionist are trying to rewrite history and science as we know it and I just cannot understand why no one else sees it. This is all part of the OTTC. Just remember, if Michael Crichton didn’t write it about dinosaurs, it isn’t true.


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