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Mr. Carreon, no doubt are you aware of the shitstorm that went on when tosh.0 made a heinous rape joke: such behavior is very problematic. This isn’t a threat of any kind, but I, and many others, would greatly appreciate if you didn’t fling around the word ‘rape’ in such a joking manner, such as with your website: “”

The usage of the word is highly offensive and references a terrifying act of power and violence against another individual that, while I do not wish to diminish whatever trauma you may have received via threats and humiliation due to the oatmeal case, is not comparable to a sexual assault. I would appreciate it if you would put this into consideration and rename your website.


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  1. His latest is mental disorders and personally it is aggrivating as hell.

    He’s taking the idea of cyberbullying and saying you have a mental disease if you do it, and if you are a victim of it, a mental disorder as well.

    Speaking as a family member who lives with someone with a mental disorder I’m outraged Carreon has taken his buthurt to this level making the stigma for mental disorders worse than it already it is.

    But I won’t stress out and “carreon” about it.

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