SMISH, SMIDS, and Smurfs.

Social Media Induced Self Hate (SMISH) and Social Media Induced Delusional Syndrome (SMIDS) are two undiagnosed, non-researched, unproven, and unpopular diseases much like a Smurf infestation. We all know Smurfs and cats don’t get along, but what the Illuminati Media won’t tell you is that Smurfs hate cats because their genetic markers can help in cloning freedom dinosaurs. This is a very real triad of problems facing our world today and we must take a stand against SMISH, SMIDS, and Smurfs.

So I was reading the Red Book by Carl Jung with Tara before her bedtime and came up with these terms. Here is a brief summary:

Many SMISH-sufferers alternate between SMISH and SMIDS on an occasional basis, joining occasionally with Social Media Mobs to hurl Cybercurses at various ObHats, thereby demonstrating their loyalty to dominant SMPeers, and ensuring themselves against becoming an ObHat themselves.

I have no idea what I said there, but it sounds smart right? See psychology isn’t so hard. 10 minutes of reading every night and 3 google searches and you can be a specialist in anything. You don’t need scientist telling you that the sky in blue because of some sort of refraction of light off the ocean, if that was true on land the sky would be brown or green. Stupid Illuminati lies. You don’t need teachers to teach you, you can read books and go to Nader Library for all your information. Or you can use the real truth, the one that speaks to you in your head at night and tells you the secrets of the universe. This is why I feel I am particularly well suited to give mental health advice, because the voices in my head tell me what crazy is. I know crazy on an intimate level because I am connected to the universe through my mind.

See you can’t let social normalities get in the way of your goals or pursuit of truth. This is just like the time I used my employer’s laptop for personal emails and tried to keep it. Never let the Illuminati keep you down. Never.


Charles Carreon Esq.

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  1. The voices in my head tell me your crazy, so if they are truth…well then…

    oh and Dr. Sues wants to notify you that you are under trademark infringement with the Smishes and Smids. He’s looking for an attorney to sue to protect his copyright

  2. Evil Supergenious Lawyer

     /  July 29, 2012

    If a smurf suffered from SMISH and couldn’t breath? What color would he turn?

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