Matthew Inman has raised 1 million dollars.

I now sit here, pondering if dinosaurs sleep standing up and if they dream, and how to best pillage the money Mr. Inman has raised for my dinocloning laboratory. I would also need a good gag order from a court so that Oatmeal guy wouldn’t go blabbing to the internet about how I was try to steal from his “charity.” His internet gang are a ferocious horde or free speakers who will not be silenced no matter how much I threaten them with T-Rex destruction, I hate them, so I must silence their master before he calls upon them. It’s like what they did with my book on Even my Tara can see the truth.

 For example, Matt Inman’s people made thousands of bad reviews about Charles’ book, “The Sex.Com Chronicles,” on Amazon. Obviously, a thousand people didn’t read the book,

See, all those fake reviews. She says it plainly, obviously a thousand people didn’t read my book… wait… what?! What does she mean obviously a thousand people didn’t read my book? It was a good book! People read it… I mean… I even gave it away for free… so someone had to read it right? This is quite troubling… what does it mean when thousands of people read a crude artist like Inman but not a single person will read my free book? It must be a conspiracy, it just must be.


Charles Carreon Esq.



  1. lowestofthekeys

     /  August 30, 2012

    Charles, be careful…the title of that book sounds like an up and coming Cinemax late night show.

  2. marc

     /  September 4, 2012

    dude, give it up. The majority of the internet has forgotten about C.C. and his wife. Let it go and do something useful with your entertainment time.

  3. @marc

    it may seem silly and pointless to an outsider, but satirical charles was threatened legally to pull this website down and silence his speech. It is not a matter of harping on something, but rather defending his right to write whatever he wants. If Carreon didn’t threaten him with charges in the six figures and more I bet you Satirical Charles WOULD have let this die. Now he can’t. It is a matter of principle. I’m not even sure how this lawsuit is going but I wish the writer the best and I support the blog no matter how it goes.

    in good faith,
    Shan Ban

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