Bow Before My Lawness.

You are telling me these plaques aren’t the sexiest pieces of lawyer swag ever? I do not believe you. I own 1 for each year I’ve been part of the Bar. I tried to have custom T-Rex ones made, but the company said they had too many wolf ones left from some run 30 years ago to begin a new run. Which is probably why Ken at Popehat doesn’t want you to order these beauties, so I never get my T-Rex knives. He will do anything to make my life a living hell.

I made an info graph out of crayon and papyrus to show how evil Ken really is, however… it was hot yesterday and I left it in the car. It melted. Every corner I turn, every thing I hold special, Ken is there to spoil it, to tarnish it, or to make it look outright ridiculous. This cannot and will not stand. I shall draw more digital images of him as a swine. That’ll teach him and firmly reclaim the moral high ground for me. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW BACON BOY?!


Charles Carreon Esq.

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