I have triumphed!


My vile enemy Christopher Recouvreur has accepted my offer of judgement, I have won. Yes I was able to scare, harass, and annoy him and his employer and get away without losing my DinoCloner™!  He might still be able to make fun of me on his website that clearly uses my own name, but now I am free to use my considerably skills to continue on against the other Illuminati. Just like with that vile Inman character, I have won by losing. Losing and winning at the same time is an art form I perfected during the Sex.com case. I won the case, lost my fees, but wrote a book about it making myself look like a lawyer version of the Terminator.

Maybe I should write a book about ducking service against a plaintiff that I myself threatened to frivolously sue. I can title it, “The Assassination of Free Speech By The Coward Charles Carreon” or, “The Charles-Carreon.com Chronicles.” I could just write a book about my cloning of dinosaurs… maybe “Triassic Mark.”

Remember potential clients, if anyone says anything that doesn’t make you feel like unicorns are prancing across a rainbow inside your soul, I will be there to threaten lawsuit against your adversary. If they make a blog that pretends you are some half lawyer, half scientist quack, I can force their weak willed domain registrar to identify them. Introducing my new slogan:

If your soul doesn’t feel like unicorns prancing on rainbows, call Charles Carreon Esq.


Charles Carreon Esq.


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  1. Wow, victory! I must admire your grand legal strategy of delay, delay, delay, then fold. It costs your opponents tons of time writing motions, responses, responses to motions, yet it ends just before you end up having to pay the costs of your delay, delay, delay strategy. It worked for Toyota. It worked for debt collectors. It worked here. (Too bad Penguin isn’t playing along…)

    I especially love the idea of ducking service as a lawyer. Thats just genius. It probably violates CA Bar ethics standard, but genius.

    I’m just disappointed I never got to see your arguments claiming that California is the wrong venue to sue you in because you have no actual connection to the state, being a resident of Arizona and all.

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