Help me make aware that unmasking their client’s identities before receiving a court order is bad business. Together we can protect other customers.


Twitter  use this when communicating with them #PRIVACYFAIL



Bronze Member:  Donate 1 dinosaur egg.

With a bronze membership you will receive a thank you note written by me. If your egg hatches you will also receive an invite to take me out for coffee.

Silver Member:  Donate 1 dinosaur hatchling.

Silver members receive everything bronze members receive plus a hand drawn picture of a dinosaur. You will also be invited to my next barbecue.

Gold Member:  Donate a full grown dinosaur.

Gold members receive everything silver members receive plus a poem dedicated to their heroic efforts to help bring reptilian domination at my hands.

Platinum Member:  Donate a fully armored dinosaur.

Platinum members receive everything gold members receive plus an invitation to guest write a blog entry!

Diamond Member:  Donate a Tyrannosaurus Rex fully trained for futuristic space combat or a time machine.

Diamond members receive everything platinum members receive plus I will save a puppy from being euthanized and name it in your honor.

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  1. Nibor Sypher

     /  July 13, 2012

    Can you please tell me why I want a puppy saved and named (in my honour), when I just donated a fully trained, puppy eating, T-Rex fit for space combat, you got me somewhat confused on this one.

    But I agree that register dot com were way out of line, but as always CC out did them on raputation, but I can’t stop thinking is it lawful what CC did by naming you.

    But when I have altered the chicken eggs in my refrigerator, with heavy doses of the new Higgs particles, into t-rex eggs, have them hatched and trained to be eligible for space battle, I will send you one.
    (so it could take a little time, but be sure if they are ready, I will send one over)


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