You are not the internet.

Stop it right now with your delusions of grandeur. You are not the internet. The internet loves me. I am practically a God. I find it disingenuous that people claim I am a dick. People love me, they make pictures of me for God’s (or my) sake. I am idolized. On top of that people are calling my ethics into question? All I want is to safely put into trust the funds I donated to. To make sure they get to their rightful owner. All I want is respectful spirited debate. However people keep satirizing me like the true Nazis they are. Don’t they know I’m 1/64th Jewish possibly, according to Tara?

Stop it now, before I break out the Lenham Act on you all and take all your $20,000.

Charles Carreon Esq.


The Next Nuclear Holocaust

Let me tell you friends, that I have been dehumanized repeatedly this last week. Dehumanized like Walt Disney dehumanized the Japanese during World War II, and that can only lead to one thing. What will it lead to you ask? Nuclear Holocaust. I believe by dehumanizing me in the form of pictures of old saggy ladies trying to make man-bear offspring to over throw humanity, that Matthew Inman is trying to get the U.S. Government to use a tactical nuclear weapon on Tucson Arizona.

If we continue to let Inman paint caricatures of myself and others, we could see the entire world lit up like a firefly in the night. I for one cannot and will not let this web cartoonist who uses young people to fulfill his will through fart joke hypnosis, destroy America. Millions of lives are at stake, maybe billions or trillions. Why do you think Inman is raising $200,000?! So he can fund an army of fundamentalist cartoonist to wipe good decent people off this Earth. See man, the atom is a gift from the cosmos, but all Inman sees is the power to destroy. I’ve watched like 70 times now (3 times in reverse) and I can see through it. There’s a hidden message there.

Here is my reply to Matthew Inman and his cohorts:

Your Champion,

Charles Carreon Esq.

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