I donate because I care.

So the only reason anyone would donate money to anyone else is for a tax exemption.

Finally, Inman fails to see that in order to avoid taking improper advantage of his misappropriation of the names of NWF and ACS, by means of which he led Bear Love donors to believe they were making tax deductible donations,

Seriously. Who the hell wants to pay taxes, and who cares about people with cancer? No one. So our government made it legal to claim any money you gave to the unwashed masses for their cancer could be deducted from your tax bill, that way cancer got its and you got yours. Now I only donated to Bear Love to get my goddamn tax credit, and I can’t even get it because I didn’t donate to the actual charity or something. What bullshit. See, I’m not suing to take all the money from Matthew Inman, all I want is my $10.00 tax credit and for everyone else to get their tax credit… man that sounded better in my head.  I seriously need to buy better bullshit at the crazy market. No one is going to believe that’s why I’m suing Inman.

Fourth, they did not disclose Indiegogo’s fees at any time, since there is no “clickwrap” agreement to be signed digitally by donors at the time of contribution.

Maybe the whole part where I explain how they didn’t clickwrap a disclosure on any fees IndieGoGo asserted will stick. I’m shoveling shit faster than I can even keep up on that document. I impress myself sometimes. I don’t understand why we can’t just settle this thing out of court, I’ll accept $211,000 or one live Tyrannosaurus Rex. Let’s be reasonable people. I will also be filing to change the lawsuit parties to this:

United States District Court
Northern District of California
Case No.: CV-12-3112-EMC

That will really hit home the point that I am a sane individual who can be trusted with a charitable trust.  See they are the crazy people, The Illumianti. I am just a simple man, fighting for justice for all humans with the last name Carreon.


Charles Carreon Esq.

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